What Are Digital Dentures?

There has been a slow surge in the evolution of fabricating dentures over the past 100 years. Although materials have progressively improved, the same manual steps of  traditional fabrication have been relatively the same. That is until now! The past 3-5 years has seen a huge progress towards the future of denture fabrication and MBK Denture Clinic ( Warman Denture & Implant Solutions ) are pleased to announce we are now providing digital denture solutions in office to our patients.


Digital dentures are dentures made entirely from CAD/CAM design and manufacturing processes,  CAD means Computer Automated Design and CAM means Computer Automated Manufacturing. What this means is that the instead of fabricating dentures through traditional ways such as a bunson burner and wax we are now able to provide an extremely precise and comfortable denture using only computer aided designs and manufacturing, leaving little error to human hand and more importantly the mechanical properties of certain processing materials that can cause the dentures to not fit as well as they should, compared to a digitally designed and manufactured process.


With this new technology this will allow for fewer post insert adjustments, precise fit and optimum esthetics for our patients,  along with our final hand crafted touches to make that denture sparkle and function for years to come.

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