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There has been a slow surge in the evolution of fabricating dentures over the past 100 years. Although materials have progressively improved, the same manual steps of  traditional fabrication have been relatively the same. That is until now! The past 3-5 years has seen a huge progress towards the future of denture fabrication and MBK Denture Clinic ( Warman Denture & Implant Solutions ) are pleased to announce we are now providing digital denture solutions in office to our patients.


Digital dentures are dentures made entirely from CAD/CAM design and manufacturing processes,  CAD means Computer Automated Design and CAM means Computer Automated Manufacturing. What this means is that the instead of fabricating dentures through traditional ways such as a bunson burner and wax we are now able to provide an extremely precise and comfortable denture using only computer aided designs and manufacturing, leaving little error to human hand and more importantly the mechanical properties of certain processing materials that can cause the dentures to not fit as well as they should, compared to a digitally designed and manufactured process.


With this new technology this will allow for fewer post insert adjustments, precise fit and optimum esthetics for our patients,  along with our final hand crafted touches to make that denture sparkle and function for years to come.

There are two main ways to make a digital full or partial denture(s):


 The 1st way is by 3D printing. 3D printing is the way of the future in denturism, not only is it extremely accurate in fit, it is durable, extremely fast and  easily replicated if in case of lost or broken denture ( within 2 hours) but it is also cost efficient. Although new to the game of CAM this method we see will be the new normal within a few years and at MBK we are already using 3d printers for printing temporary digital dentures for our immediate patients to allow for easy transition into their final denture once healing of the tissue/bone has been completed.


The 2nd way (Coming Soon) is called milling also known as CNC machining. Milling has been steadily increasing in popularity in denturism as it is also extremely accurate, strong and very hygienic. Milling as of now is the gold standard for precise fitting digital dentures as it has been a proven method for the past three years. Milling does have its limitations as it can be a bit slower to fabricate due to undercuts or just the sheer size of a patient's mouth, the acrylic puck may be too large to fit into the milling machines holders. Overall, both ways of making digital dentures provide an accurate, stable and highly characterized denture for our patients.


The process of making a digital denture begins is as such:


  1. We take prelim and/or  final impressions using the traditional method and then from there we scan into our DOF Desktop scanners which provides us with a digital imprint and from there we can start fabricating out digital bite devices, the second way (Coming soon) is to take an intra oral scanner impression so NO yucky impression material and then build off that. This way is mostly only used for partial dentures and some immediate denture cases. It is a limited option but viable for the right individual and circumstance

  2. After our impressions we are able to take bite registrations and this will allow us to accurately record how your jaw relations come into contact, we can also take a 3D facial picture of you to show you how the new smile would look after completion we are also able to select the shape, size and colour of your new smile.

  3. At this appointment we do a 3D printed try in,this appointment  allows us to verify all prior measurements and aesthetics.  However, now with digital dentures you can ACTUALLY take them for a trial period home for a few days as they will not bend or warp like traditional wax dentures. If any changes need to be made we can simply correct them together and show you the changes on our software(s). Such a great option!

  4. This is the final appointment where you will be able to get your 3D printed denture or milled denture, based on your choice and the best treatment for your needs.

How are they made?

What are 

the benefits?

The benefits of having digital dentures vs traditional are as such:


  1. The extremely precise fit and comfort of a digital denture allows the patient to adapt much quicker to the new dentures but minimizes post insert adjustments as well in most cases

  2. The benefits of having a digital record on file just in case of a misplaced or broken denture that can be reproduced within 24 hours so little down time, or have a backup denture for reassurance.

  3. The strength and hygiene of the denture(s) are enhanced due there physical characteristics

  4. Fewer appointments needed to fabricate the denture(s) for most patients

  5. The ability to make precise titanium frameworks for partial dentures based off one scan for a precise fit and up to 35 percent lighter than traditional cast frameworks

  6. Able to take the digital denture(S) at the try in stage home for a few days to show friends or family and to be able to see the benefits first hand of having a digitally fit and functioning denture

  7. Although digitally produced we still put our final touches with our hands to customize with high shine polishes and/or composites to provide you with the beautiful smile you have desired

This really big benefit of having a digitally designed denture is that we will always have a digital record on file. Traditionally there are no scanners to replicate a denture and very costly to duplicate if needed from the existing denture. Having a digital denture record we are able to store that file at no charge as it is only a quick 30 second scan and this file will replicate the exact new denture we have created for our patients. 


Having the record stored safely on site we are able to reproduce that exact same denture you had made one or two months or years ago and manufacture it in most cases within 24 hours. 


This means that if you're anywhere in the country, world and you lose or break your denture on a beach or in the ocean, you simply call or email our clinic and we could duplicate that denture and send out to you within a few days!! Some adjustments may be needed wherever you are at, however the denture will be dimensionally exactly ( Tissue may shrink ) as it first was when you first got it. Even if it just reassures you of a temporary fix till we are able to reline or rebase it if needed once you return safely home.

What if I lose them?

Who can get them?

Traditional dentures have been an excellent avenue for patients the last century , they have greatly implicated the lives of so many throughout the years. However,  digital dentistry is leading the way for a new era of denturists to lead the way for years to come in providing quality ,precision and comfort along with superior strength and aesthetics.


Most patients are able to get digital dentures, however there are some limitations based on the patient's anatomy. We are able to determine if a patient is a candidate for digital denture(s) or partial digital denture(s) during our first complimentary consultation. 



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