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Immediate Dentures are made in the Denture Clinic, delivered to the patient and then inserted into a patient's mouth by a Dentist immediately following the removal of teeth.


Immediate Dentures serve three main purposes:

  1. Protect the extraction sites

  2. Aid in healing (acts like a “band-aid”)

  3. Help a person adjust to eating and speaking

After an Immediate Denture has been inserted, the Denturist will generally see the patient within a 24 hour period to examine the denture to determine if it needs to be adjusted in any way. This is followed by a series of soft reline/tissue conditioner appointments over a the next 9-12 months which are needed to stabilize the denture while the mouth heals and changes.

Immediate Dentures take two forms: Temporary or Permanent

Temporary Immediate Dentures:

Temporary Immediate Dentures are intended to only be used by a patient for about one year. They are nearly identical to a Permanent Immediate Denture, but the teeth used are of less quality. Since there will be a fair amount of ridge resorption and healing of the gums between 9-12 months, making a new set with the gums healed properly will provide the better results than a reline or rebase. Patients who are concerned about the looks/aesthetics and fit of their dentures should consider this option.

Permanent Immediate Dentures

Permanent Immediate Dentures are intended to be worn by a patient for the life of the denture, which is usually around 5-10 years based on the treatment option selected. The materials and teeth used when making them are carefully selected so that they will last for 5-10 years, and we take the time to ensure that our patients are happy with the looks/aesthetics of the dentures.

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