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At MBK Denture Clinic, we work closely with a highly trained and professional team of dentists to provide mini-dental implant solutions.

Mini Dental Implants are a great alternative to provide the stability for lower or upper dentures when there is insufficient bone left for conventional dental implants. A minimum of four mini implants are placed and more can be added depending on the dentist’s recommendations. In some cases in the upper denture, we can remove some of the palate in the denture so you are able to gain back the taste buds you lost with full palatal coverage. You will also feel the hot and cold sensations of food and drink once again. More importantly you will regain that confident smile without the use of any adhesives and be able to eat the foods you love once again! Since the FDA approved the MDI Mini Implant as a long term method of denture stabilization, mini implants have become increasingly popular among dental professionals. The cost of a mini dental implant is generally half the cost of a conventional dental implant.

Unlike standard implants, mini implants allow immediate loading. This means that the patient walks out of the dentist/denturist office on the day of surgery with a lower or upper denture which is not only stable, but can be used to eat immediately. Mini implants can often (not always) be placed in the lower jaw without cutting an incision in the gums. In other words, they can often be placed right through the gums directly into the underlying bone. Most of the time, the only anesthetic necessary is an injection directly over the position in the gums where each implant is to be placed. The old lower denture can then be retrofitted over the newly placed implants (a new long term denture is made about 3 months later), and the patient can use the denture immediately without waiting for the three to six months necessary for a standard implant to integrate. The entire procedure (placing the implants and retrofitting the old denture so that it is supported by the newly placed minis) takes about 90 minutes. It is generally painless, and produces very minimal post operative discomfort.

Patients can be fitted with these implants and begin using the newly stabilized denture immediately because these implants do not require months of waiting time to integrate. The implants are “screwed” firmly into the bone so integration is immediate but will continue to integrate throughout the next few months. Finally, since the procedure generally involves no major incisions, there are very few contra-indications to the surgery. To find out more about Mini Dental Implants fill out the form below or call us today  for your Free Consultation at 306.955.709

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